Use of Mexican ID card imports lawlessness


FILE PHOTO: Democratic Assembly members Juan Arambula, of Fresno, left, and Lloyd Levine, of Sherman Oaks, confer at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., in this file photo taken Tuesday, June 5, 2007.

FILE PHOTO: State senator Lou Correa explains how lucky first generation American students at Anaheim High School are and tries to make them understand how important it is for them to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming general election during an assembly at the school, in this file photo taken Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008.

Show CaptionContinued efforts jeopardizing the safety and sovereignty of this state and country evidently have no limits for state Assemblyman Juan Arambula, D Fresno, and state Sen. Their latest effort to allow for Mexico Matricular Consular card to be used as form of valid ID by Mexican nationals here in California is dangerous and irresponsible. Arambula claims that these cards are difficult to obtain, and its safeguards are same or greater as driver licenses (Which is it, same or greater

To add to the perception of credibility he says that these are approved for use in Fresno where the vast majority is Republican. However, one can walk down Frazier Park in Los Angeles or down Fourth Street in Santa Ana and, within minutes, filltrustid obtain fake licenses, Social Security cards or Matricular Consular cards. State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have recently singled out Mexico and Pakistan governments as on the verge of collapse from internal corruption. Mexico is under siege from the drug cartels. There were more than 6,000 drug cartel related murders there last year. Border towns contiguous with the United States are being overrun on both sides by lawlessness. And now these two want to once again pass this foolish law. Don they realize that this is just one more avenue for the easy importation of violent crime into this country?

How long must we continue to endure the incompetence and dangerous actions of our elected officials?

Today I got a practical lesson in why our economy is in such a bad way. First I called my phone company, and after discussing different calling plans, my bill was reduced from $280 per month to $160 per month. The next call was to my biggest supplier, which offered me free shipping for all orders over $250, which will save me around $40 a month.

By comparison, I called my bank to ask why the interest rate on my business credit card doubled, although I have never missed a payment, or made a late payment, and have banked there for nearly 20 years. The answer speaks volumes about the banking crisis: feel all self employed people might have trouble paying their credit cards so we are doubling their rates to reflect this fact.

I believe this is called a self fulfilling prophecy. aid for the Gaza Strip, Letters, best Fake IDs March 3]. Apparently it permissible to fire rockets at Israeli civilian communities for more than two years as long as no more than 10 rockets a day are launched.

When Israel finally responded by attacking the launching sites and smuggling tunnels within a two week period, that, according to Ewers, deserved to punish. pouring more money into Gaza raises the question of what happened to all the money previously given to the Palestinian leadership. Within two days of the onset of the Israeli action, the residents of Gaza were said to be running out of food and fuel and medical equipment. The Israelis are criticized for cutting off vital supplies. But there is little outcry from the supporters of the Palestinian people on why it is, after all of the massive aid previously given to the leadership, the population remains so utterly dependent on Israel for basic electricity and safe drinking water.

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